The world's finest copper cookware

"Good service quality products"
The order was handled promptly & efficiently. The producut is a quality item, we have another Falk product which has served us well, we anticipate this will be every bit as good.
– Mr Sword
"Paean to a Pan"
Cookware symbolizes the coming together of so many things; food, ingredients, fellowship, shared enjoyment, and also craftsmanship, logistics and service. The Falk Copper cookware 28cm gratin pan exemplifies all these attributes to the nth degree. The pan itself is a brushed and burnished basin of...
– A Teo
"Excellent Online Service"
Falk Culinair has an excellent website which is easy to use and they provide very personal follow-up from the order. The purchase arrived the next day as promised. The pan is a Christmas gift and I can't wait for it to be used on Christmas morning.
– C Reiners
"User friendly order process and good follow-up"
It is fast delivery and easy order process. The only area for improvement is to have the international delivery to Asia countries. That will be great.
– Ms Chang
"Great customer service"
Copper pans seem very well made and of good thick gauge. There will be other leading brands of comparable quality. What made this company stand out for me was the very good customer service (I also like the use of a courier that gives a good estimate of delivery time).
– Mark Everitt
"Out of this world....."
Not only is this product supreme, the service provided by Neil Corke of Falk UK is outstanding. We ordered our 24cm copper saute pan and it arrived within 24 hours.... not only that, as it was a present for my wife, Neil and his team took the time and trouble to write out a birthday card (which...
– Danny
"Great company, great product, great people"
This is an outstanding product in both aesthetics and function. Delivery was swift and efficient and the very pleasant thing is that this company genuinely care about their customers.
– Mrs Ward
"A Very Happy Customer"
Excellent quality, exceptionally quick delivery service. Easy to follow website. From beginning to end I cannot fault the service. The equipment is very easy to cook with and superb results. Thank you to everyone at Falk Culinair. MM
– Madeline McMinn
I've always wanted a set of copper pans but was reluctant to spend so much money on myself; however, when my son said that he's would like some too, I thought I would treat him for Christmas. I was worried that they wouldn't arrive in time but I ordered them at lunchtime on Monday and received them...
– Zo
"Outstanding service - what a pleasure!"
This was my first time ordering from the Falk Culinair UK website and I cannot recommend this company more highly. The website is excellent - intuitive, fast , information readily available without cluttering the pages. The range of products is very broad with styles and sizes to suit all needs. I...
– Karen
"Awesome attention to detail"
Gosh! It the product proves to be as outstanding as the delivery service and follow up it will render amazing service for years to come. I have not tested the pan as yet as it is a birthday gift and will only come into use come October, but I am anticipating great things. I have a feeling we will...
– Mr Aitchison
"Awesome quality!"
These pans are simply oozing with quality with a flawless finish and serious weight to them. A fine quality product built to last and a pleasure to cook with.
– Mr Ellis
"Heavy enough to kill someone"
The pan is amazing. I've never come across something that heats up do quickly! Do far I've only made porridge and scrambled eggs in it but the level of control you get is astounding. Definitely getting more falk cookware when I can afford it.
– Mr Duffill
"Cooking with Faulk"
I now have complete confidence in Faulk having only used their cookware for a short time I think I have 'Bonded' with coppers personality. MARVELLOUS!!!
– Mr Webb
"Outstanding cookware, outstanding service."
The cookware is the best I've used. Each piece is designed with a job in mind - the stainless steel is top quality, and the copper makes it all so easy to control. It is a little heavy - which doesn't bother me in the least - but when a 24cm pan is full of food and water, you will need two hands -...
– Customer